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Aircraft cleaning

Aircraft cleaning

We take safety and hygiene extremely seriously at AAG Aviation, especially amid the global pandemic. One of our top objectives is to keep airlines in the air, albeit in a manner that is safe and healthy for everyone on board. Our cleaning agents understand the gravity and importance of keeping aircrafts clean and tidy, and work tirelessly to keep them in pristine condition.

Cabin Cleaning

Our cleaning agents are punctual and well trained in keeping our cabins clean and hygienic. Every cabin is thoroughly cleaned from top to bottom after every flight, ensuring that they are 100% safe and germ-free. We make exclusive use of aircraft-safe cleaning chemicals and WHO approved disinfectants and cleaning products for both high- and low-pressure aircraft cleanings. Every cleaning session also includes both thorough lavatory and potable water servicing.

Deep Cleaning

AAG Aviation is so committed to the hygiene and safety of our passengers and crew that we regularly deep clean our aircrafts. This is an intensely thorough servicing of every nook and cranny of our aircrafts, using only the best and latest high-grade disinfectants and cleaning products. Although our aircrafts are cleaned after every flight and in top condition, this extra intense servicing helps put passengers at ease that they can fly with us without the
fear of any germs or contamination.

Hygiene and safety are now more important than ever. Airlines cannot function without good cleaning services, which is why AAG Aviation takes great pride in running a pristine and responsible environment. If you need top cleaning and disinfecting services, please reach out to us today.

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