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Airline representation

Airline representation

The airline industry is tough and competitive – without proper professional representation, many smaller airlines will struggle to break into the industry successfully. The representatives at AAG Aviation hold a wealth of actual airline experience and knowledge, and they are more than willing to help small and medium airlines get off the ground and into the air. We are dedicated to seeing you succeed and will guide you through every step of aviation journey with patience and precision.

Personal Professional Service

AAG Aviation is a family-run business, meaning you can be sure that you will receive the benefit of tailored, personalised service with a human touch, making your journey into the airline world all the more enjoyable. We care about our customers, and will provide you with the best industry information available to help you and your business make it in the airline world.

Contract Negotiations

Getting a fair and reasonable contract is key to success in the airline world. Unfortunately, the industry is hard-nosed and challenging for those with less experience and knowledge. That's why you can lean on our experience and connections. At AAG Aviation, we provide guidance on contract negotiations from start to finish, allowing you the confidence to push for a fair and lucrative deal.

SME Representation

We love the world of aviation, and we are always happy to see new faces in the sky. That's why we are dedicated to helping small and medium enterprises break into the industry. It can be a tough world to enter without knowledge and experience – let our expert representatives advise you on everything from budgets to administration.

AAG Aviation offers dedicated airline representation solutions. If you need a friendly, trustworthy airline representative, please don't hesitate to reach out to us today.


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