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AAG Aviation aims to provide every passenger with a safe, pleasant and positive flight experience. And the truth is that one simply cannot have a pleasant or positive experience on an empty stomach! That’s why among our many excellent services you’ll find state-of-the-art catering. We are committed to busting the myth that all airline food has to be bland and tasteless.

Catering Supplies

We offer the very best in catering supplies – from premium ingredients to delicious ready- made meals to cutlery and packaging. Our ingredients are always fresh and tasty, while our ready-made meals are available in a variety of options guaranteed to satisfy every diet and palate. We also make sure to package our meals in safe, bio-degradable materials, ensuring that they’ll stay fresher for longer, without harming the environment.

Load and Unload

As with everything we do at AAG Aviation, we always put safety first. We take great care to load and unload our meals and other catering supplies with the utmost care and efficiency, making sure that none of the food is harmed, contaminated, or spoiled.

Cabin Waste Removal

Passengers are often messy eaters – understandable since they are often trying to negotiate spaghetti 1000s of feet in the air! Regardless of pasta skills, we are always thoroughly sure to clean cabins after every flight – including the removal of food waste and any other matter that could potentially become contaminated. We make sure to use only WHO approved and aircraft safe chemicals, disinfectants and other cleaning products, thereby ensuring that our cabins are as good as new.

AAG Aviation offers a variety of delectable catering supplies and solutions. If you require the
most delicious airline food available, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us today.


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