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Ground Power Arrangements


Ground Power Arrangements

Throughout our wide range of services, AAG Aviation strives to make aircraft operation for
our customers easier and smoother – especially for smaller companies or those just finding
their footing in the airline business.

Our bespoke ground power arrangements are no different. We can help take the hassle out
of electricity and power supply, thereby allowing aviation operations to focus on more
pressing matters. We offer a wide range of ground power units that can be transported to
your airplane or helicopter, providing you with the power you need to work on your aircraft,
recharge batteries, and anything else you require to run a successful aviation business.

Breakdown Hire

We want all of our customers to feel provided for and supported, especially when things go
wrong. Should your own ground power unit malfunction or suffer from breakdown or other
technical issues, we are happy to supply you with one of our own working units, as well as
the full service of our agents. Our friendly operators are ready to help you at a moment’s
notice – allowing you the peace of mind to continue your work.

Long and short term rental options

We offer our customers the option of both short and long term rentals of our ground power
units. Should your company wish to hire a unit for a shorter period; we are happy to
transport it to your site and operate it as a service. Customers requiring a longer term
ground power solution are welcome to lease our assets for extended periods of time – with
support included.

AAG Aviation offers effective and reliable ground power solutions for all your aviation
needs. If you are in need of long or short term ground power arrangements, feel free to
contact us today.


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