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Passenger services


Passenger services

At AAG Aviation, we believe that the customer is king. That's why we take every necessary precaution to ensure the health, safety, and utmost comfort of every passenger that flies with us. All of our passenger service workers are highly trained, capable professionals that have passed multiple background checks, thereby ensuring that every passenger will experience a safe and pleasant flight.

Baggage Services/Handling

We have the greatest respect for our passengers and the safety of their belongings. Our baggage handlers are trained to take extreme care in handling all luggage – from loading the aircraft to the checkout ramp.

Airport Parking Arrangements

At AAG Aviation, we realise that flying can be stressful – the last thing our passengers need to worry about is finding airport parking! We offer pre-flight parking arrangements at our airports, thereby eliminating the hassle of wondering what to do with your vehicle.

Passenger Transfers

Our skilled agents can assist with passenger transfers quickly and efficiently. Even in the case of delays or cancellations, we will make sure you reach your connecting flight right on schedule.

Passenger Check-in

Passengers can enjoy a smooth and hassle-free check-in experience with the help of our friendly support staff.


We provide a seamless ticketing experience with the help of our capable agents and the latest e-boarding technology.

Baggage Weight Control Functions

Our friendly passenger service staff will assist you in the weighing and handling of your luggage, thereby ensuring that proper weight limits are met.

Load Control Facilitation

Load control is an important factor in ensuring a safe flight for our passengers; therefore, we take every step possible to distribute aircraft load in such a way that a smooth flight is possible. Our agents manage this by following specific loading instructions, ensuring that all parameters are met.

AAG Aviation takes excellent care of all of its passengers – from the ground to the sky. If you need top passenger support services, please reach out to us today.


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