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Ramp services


Ramp services

Successful flights start on the ground, which is why ramp services form an essential part of any aviation operation. Time is of the essence when it comes to flights and timings – meaning ramp services are not a "nice to have" but a necessity.

AAG Aviation's ramp service agents are reliable and punctual; dedicated to making sure your
flight goes smoothly and on schedule.

Aircraft Pushback and Towing

Pushback refers to the readying of an aircraft for departure, while towing is a method used by maintenance crews to transport the craft from one place to another. Both services are carried out by qualified crew members using AAG Aviation's specialised, high-tech equipment.

Aircraft Receipt and Dispatch

Once an aircraft arrives, our highly-trained agents handle the receipt and dispatch. Our crew are dedicated to the safety of aircrafts and take the utmost care to plan and review the flight path and landing. Always finding the harmonious balance between efficiency and reliability.

Toilet and Potable Water Servicing

Before the arrival of passengers, our ramp service agents make sure that the aircraft is fully serviced and thoroughly cleaned. We take safety and hygiene extremely seriously – one of our primary goals is to keep airlines flying responsibly, particularly amid the global pandemic.

As a result, we use only aircraft-safe chemicals and WHO approved disinfectants and
cleaning products for both high- and low-pressure aircraft cleanings. This includes both
lavatory and potable water servicing.

Load Control Facilitation

We ensure that load controls are distributed in such a way that the aircraft can enjoy a safe
and efficient flight. Our agents manage this by following specific loading instructions,
ensuring that all parameters are met.

Cargo and Freight Handling

Our agents can help transport any baggage and freight with ease and care, allowing you
peace of mind that your cargo is in safe, dedicated hands.

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Ramp services play an integral role in AAG Aviation's flight offering, and we strive to provide
the best service possible – on and off the ground. If you need qualified, reliable ramp
servicing, don't hesitate to get in touch with us today.


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