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VIP handling


VIP handling

At AAG Aviation, we consider every single one of our passengers a VIP and treat them accordingly. That being said, occasionally celebrities, politicians and other people of note make use of our airlines. On these occasions, we make sure to treat these remarkable people with only the utmost respect and grace – ensuring that they leave our aircraft feeling truly valued and happy. We have several special services available for our VIPs, including red carpet servicing and pre- and post-flight air conditioning.

Aircraft Receipt and Dispatch

VIPs and other notable members of the public are often plagued by paparazzi and curious citizens. As we want all of our passengers to feel safe and comfortable, we do our best to ensure that our VIP guests can exit the plane without having to worry about the presence of photographers or other bothers. We, therefore, handle the receipt and dispatch of our aircrafts with extreme discretion, ensuring a private experience for our VIPs.

Red Carpet Service

We take great care to make our VIP guest feel like royalty (especially if they actually are
royalty), and our red carpet service is no exception. Featuring everything you can imagine to
make your flight feel like a luxurious, glamorous experience, our red carpet service is like a
Hollywood event in the skies!

Executive VIP Escort

Many of our VIP guests are often worried about their safety and privacy upon landing. We offer an executive VIP escort, ensuring that all of our high-profile guests can reach their destination without hassle or fear. From the sky to their final destination, we ensure they get the full A-list experience.

VIP Transfers Pre/Post Flight Air-conditioning

For the coolest members of the public, only the coolest aircrafts will do. We offer special pre- and post-flight air conditioning for our VIP guests, ensuring that they can wait out their transfers in comfort.

We are honoured to have VIP guests fly with us at AAG Aviation, and do our best to offer them a luxurious experience. If you need excellent VIP support services, please don't hesitate to reach out to us today.


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